Our crew aboard the Ark Angel...  An experienced Captain, a talented mate and a fine cook will accompany you on your tour.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Tilghman Hemsley, Captain/Owner

Captain Tilghman Hemsley has been running fishing charters throughout Maryland's Chesapeake Bay for the last 30 years.  Beginning as a mate on board the legendary fishing boat Breezin' Thru, Tilghman ran charters side by side Captain Harry Carter, a legend in his own right.  Capt. Harry turned the Breezin' Thru over to Tilghman in 1990, and he has since been running fishing, crabbing and hunting charters 7-days a week through the months of April until December. 

Capt. Tilghman holds a USCG100-ton Masters license and runs the majority of his charters out of Kentmorr Marina, located on the scenic isle of Kent Island, MD.  He is also an accomplished artist, proudly displaying his artwork throughout Maryland.  Most prominently, you can find his 14-ft tall bronze monument, The Maryland Watermen's Monument, located in Kent Narrows, MD. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Francis Hemsley, Captain

Francis Hemsley has been a captain since 2011, and since obtaining his license he has been working on the water non-stop.  Francis began working as a mate on his father's boat, the Breezin' Thru, since 2003 when he was 16 years old.  During this time, he learned how to fish, crab and cook in all the ways they knew best aboard the Breezin' Thru.  As a captain, Francis has run fishing, crabbing and hunting parties, as well as scenic waterway cruises aboard the Ark Angel.  His experiences have more than tripled since operating, and living aboard his own vessel, a 41' trawler named Proud Lady.  Francis has since moved both vessels, the intimate tour boat Ark Angel and his vessel Proud Lady to the scenic waterways of Charleston, SC where he resides during the winter.  Francis will begin running scenic waterway tours aboard the Ark Angel beginning in December 2015.

Capt. Francis holds a USCG 50-ton Masters License.  Aside from being a captain, Francis immerses his talents through documentary filmmaking and photography, lending his services to several companies and artistic venues throughout Maryland and Charleston.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Will Hemsley, Captain

Will cut his teeth serving as first mate under his father on the Breezin' Thru in 1997.  He obtained his Captain's license in 2006 and is Coast Guard certified for vessels up to 100 tons. 

Capt. Will is an accomplished artist, providing much of his talent through commissioned based artwork ranging from oil paintings to graphic design, to life size bronze sculpture.  His work can be found through the East Coast in many prominent galleries and art festivals.